Natural Drug Detox







Meditation—true, deep, transcending meditation—is the critical engine that will pull you through the recovery process and facilitate detoxification in the hardest area of the body to reach: the brain.

When you abuse drugs, it is as if you have filled the brain with the fumes of the drug; everyone who runs a drug rehab center will tell you that the brain retains these fumes for several months after addictive drug use, some even say it takes six months to two years to even begin to clear the brain. Effective forms of meditation (we recommend the Transcendental Meditation technique), are like opening a vent, that lets out those fumes. The brain is so plastic that it molds to any and every new experience. Dr. Fred Travis, in this video clip, shows just how malleable the brain is and how important it is to use meditation as a tool for recovery. (It is a 15 minute clip, but worth every second.) When you go through a traditional drug rehab program, you typically don't do much to move out the metabolic waste products of the drugs (other than not putting new chemical into your body), and you leave the brain with the same patterns as before. You are almost guaranteed to relapse. The use of meditation can often spontaneously remove addiction, especially smoking or tobacco addiction. Howard Stern talks about how his mother's depression was cured and how he and his assistant quit smoking just by learning the Transcendental Meditation program. In some cases, others have quit heroin, cocaine, alcohol or ended addiction to prescription medication. Marijuana addiction seems to be especially amenable to meditation. It may be that the neurotransmitter heightened by smoking Marijuana, anandamide, is naturally balanced by the experience of bliss in meditation (ananda means bliss in Sanskrit). Find a teacher through (the Hawaii website) or at (the national website).