Natural Drug Detox

Holistic Drug Rehab

The Spiritual Recovery Manual

Holistic drug rehab is the overarching term for all approaches to recovery that include natural drug detox. You learned the basics of holistic drug rehab on the home page of this site. If you want the details, read the Spiritual Recovery Manual. Read it for free on Google books by clicking here: Holistic Drug Rehab. (Then click on the cover or "preview the book".) Or, to buy the book, go to the publisher site, Incandescent Press, or any online bookstore.

“I spent thirty years chemically dependent, using psychedelics, cocaine and alcohol. Now, as a recovering addict, I know the importance of useful information. The practical, psychological, and physiological knowledge contained in this book is imperative in the search for a better living.”
—David H., 7 years clean and sober