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Natural Drug Detox

Definition (traditional) drug detox:
1. Moving the metabolic waste products of drug use out of the body.
2. Attending a drug or alcoholism rehab center that guides you through the initial stages of withdrawal from addictive drugs.


Definition natural drug detox:
Using gentle, non-chemical means to encourage the body to balance and heal itself and remove toxins. Approaches that can be used include: diet, herbs, food supplements (such as vitamins and amino acids), exercise, meditation, yoga, massage, sauna, chelation, etc. Specialized procedures combine several of these approaches to naturally detoxify the body.


Natural Drug Detox Programs

Natural drug detox can replace a traditional recovery center's detox program. But typically this is something you do long-term, after your initial traditional detox. If you have a strong addiction, natural drug detox is best done after attending a top residential drug detox center. At a drug rehab center, you will be medically supervised and get professional psychological guidance. There are a lot of great rehab centers and methods; there is not a lot of excellent guidance on how to use holistic recovery methods long-term in your recovery. The Spiritual Recovery Manual is one of the only books on the subject, and is your best guide to holistic recovery methods and to natural drug detox. Here is a brief summary of the key ideas in the book relating to detoxification.


Detox is not new. It has been around as long as the body. Panchakarma is a traditional, natural approach to detoxification that is used for all people (not just addicts). It is a part of ayurveda, the ancient system of health maintenance and renewal that was perfected, over many thousands of years, in India. We recommend only using Maharishi Ayurveda, as this is an organization that has spent a tremendous amount of time researching how to apply the traditional and most natural approaches of detoxification as safely as possible to Westerners. There is a respected and established clinic in Iowa, The Raj, and a detox clinic in Massachusetts. Maharishi Panchakarma combines specialized massage by a team of massage therapists, using herbalized oils, and sauna with herbalized steam, along with dietary recommendations on herbs, and other individually tailored treatments to coax and push the toxins out of the tissues and organs and into the digestive tract, where they are eliminated through a gentle laxative or through oil-based enemas. This is the most powerful and effective natural detox that you can do. It is very difficult, using other more standard methods, to get at the organic compounds and toxins that accumulate in the body after extensive drug use.


Learn about the most critical, but often neglected, component in natural drug detoxification: meditation.


Freedom from relapse involves self-awareness and incremental self-healing. Included in this is a daily detox of small impurities and imbalances. The Spiritual Recovery Manual has a self-test identifying your ayurvedic body-type. So you can know, for example, your best form of exercise (do you lift weights or play golf), the best daily routine (take naps or not), and what type of food suits you (mild or hot; sweet or sour; dairy or not). Learning proper nutrition and what foods are most balancing for you is a big and often neglected aspect of recovery. You can also learn natural methods to stop the early progress of imbalances in the body. For example, when you get the sniffles, there are aroma oils, teas, and herbal mixtures that arrest the process of getting a cold. Maharishi Ayurveda Products has extensive educational web pages that explain how to use diet and herbs for healing and detox. There are similar approaches for depression and anxiety, two emotional triggers that can cause a relapse back into addiction.


Learn about The Spiritual Recovery Manual as your guide to holistic drug rehab. This is the best complete guide to natural drug detoxification available.


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To get professional personal guidance, contact an American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) doctor.